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The sun let out another flare and the photos are stunning

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory photographs the sun with ten times the resolution of high-definition television.

Meteor explosion shakes Indiana

On Wednesday, March 30, residents in Bloomington, Indiana, and surrounding countries were literally shaken to attention by the sound of an exploding meteor.

Axiom’s 1st private astronaut crew is ready to fly to space

Axiom Space and its crew are ready to make history. A crew of three paying passengers and one former NASA astronaut will launch to the International Space Station. The 10-day mission will see the crew spend eight days aboard the orbiting lab, living and working on the station.

James Webb Space Telescope completes another stage of instrument alignment

The commissioning stages of the James Webb Space Telescope just ticked off yet another phase. There’s only one step left to tackle.

SpaceX launches 40 satellites into orbit, lands rocket at sea

SpaceX just pulled off yet another rocket launch and landing. A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched 40 spacecrafts to orbit for a variety of customers. Rocket’s first stage came down for a landing on a ship at sea.


Apollo 10 1/2

“Before launching the Apollo 11 mission to land the first astronauts on the moon, NASA secretly sent a fourth grader there first.”

That is just one of the storylines in director Richard Linklater’s new animated film, “Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood,” now streaming on Netflix. In the movie, Linklater transports viewers back to 1969, taking them on nostalgia-driven trip to not just see, but experience the lunar landing just as he did — coming of age while living in and around Houston, Texas.

“It was just so exciting to be alive then, especially being a kid,” Linklater said in an interview with “I’ve seen a lot of movies coming from the astronaut perspective, fair enough, but if you really do the math, there are 12 people who walked on the moon but so many hundreds of millions who watched them walk on the moon.”