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We were qualified to be a finalist in the Teknofest competition, where we achieved success by ranking 2nd in the Plan and Organization Report, 17th in the Preliminary Design Report and 8th in the final report, the Critical Design Report.

TEKNOFEST is Turkey’s first and only aviation, space and technology festival organized with the partnership of many organizations that play a critical role in the development of national technology in Turkey.

TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, the first of which was held in 2018; By hosting many activities such as technology competitions, air shows, concerts, talks and events on various topics, it aims to increase the interest in technology in the society and to raise awareness about Turkey’s transformation into a national technology producing society. Technology competitions in various disciplines and categories are organized within the scope of TEKNOFEST for thousands of young people to realize their dreams. 44,912 teams and 200,000 people from 81 provinces and 111 countries applied to the technology competitions held in 35 different categories within the scope of the TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, which was held for the fourth time at Atatürk Airport on September 21-26, 2021. Among the applications for the competition, 2,200 teams and 13,000 competitors competed as finalists.

TEKNOFEST continues its journey of National Technology Move with confident steps, inspired by its past.

We cannot wait to see the outcomes of our work in the field next September.