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We were guests of the “Stars of Technology Meet” event organized by the T3 Foundation in Science Üsküdar. In our presentation where we talked about Sponsorship and Persuasion Ability, we had a pleasant time and also explained what Yıldız Rover is to curious individuals.

“Bilim Üsküdar”, which emerged with the aim of bringing science and scientific thought together with all layers of the society, is a learning center that aims to teach the systematic of scientific thought to the society, starting from the lower age groups, as well as bringing scientific developments together with the society.

The center, which targets all age groups, especially at primary and secondary education level; It aims to be an important focus that encourages scientific, rational, curiosity, discovery-based, critical and experiential thinking. “Bilim Üsküdar” was established with the aim of bringing together individuals from different age groups and having different backgrounds with science, and making science and technology understandable and accessible to the society.

Aiming to increase the importance and value of science and technology in the eyes of society; Including experimental and applied activities, encouraging its visitors to try and discover, “Bilim Üsküdar” plans to offer dynamic environments where visitors can actively visit, touch and experiment.

Thank you to everyone for hosting us so well and for their hard work.