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The ‘doorway’ seen on Mars is not for aliens. Here’s how it really formed.

The Internet erupted after a photograph from the Mars Curiosity rover appeared to show an “alien door,” experts are pretty sure it’s just a natural feature.

NASA shelves routine spacewalks for now due to leaky spacesuit helmet

NASA is suspending all but the most urgent spacewalks after water was found in an astronaut’s helmet following a previous excursion.

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft docks at International Space Station for 1st time

Boeing’s Starliner capsule arrived at the International Space Station Friday night (May 20), notching a huge milestone for the aerospace giant and its quest to fly NASA astronauts to and from orbit.

This tiny space rock might be the 1st physical evidence of a rare supernova

A space rock, named the Hypatia stone, discovered more than two decades ago may be the first physical evidence of a rare type of powerful stellar explosion called a Type Ia supernova, according to a new study.


Night Sky – from J.K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek

Ever dream of having your own private portal to a distant planet where you could kick back and watch shooting stars dance across an alien sunset?

Amazon Prime Video’s new sci-fi thriller, “Night Sky” delivers just such a fantastic destination in their latest puzzle-box offering that enters our orbit starting today (May 20) to join our picks for the top sci-fi TV shows on Amazon Prime this month.

In this eight-episode series created by Holden Miller (comedian Dennis Miller’s son), Academy Award winners Sissy Spacek and J.K. Simmons play Irene and Franklin York, two normal senior citizens in rural Illinois who years ago discovered an ancient gateway to a deserted planet in their humble backyard garden shed. This weird chamber teleports them to an abandoned alien base on a remote world where the married couple has arranged a cozy living room observation area to relax within.