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SpaceX Managed to Launch Starship on the Third Try

SpaceX successfully launched Starship, the world’s largest rocket, on its third attempt on March 14, 2024. The first two launch attempts were made in April and November 2023, but were not successful. Unlike its predecessors, Starship was able to successfully enter orbit and then into the atmosphere. 5 hours before the launch, Elon Musk shared a post saying, “Starship launch attempt in 5 hours. Let’s go to Mars.” Starship consists of the 50-meter Starship upper stage and the 71-meter Super Heavy rocket. In the third test flight, these two parts were successfully separated from each other. Super Heavy was going to make a soft dive into the Gulf of Mexico, but it exploded at an altitude of 500 meters. The Starship stage successfully completed all tests except landing in the Indian Ocean.
It is thought that this reusable vehicle will be of great benefit to humanity in the plans to settle the Moon and Mars. Elon Musk wants Starship flights to cost $1 million at the end of the entire process. The cost of Falcon 9, which is currently in active use, is around 50-60 million dollars. SpaceX plans to make at least nine more launches this year. With the data obtained from each launch, the next one will be better and the path to the goal of going to Mars will become clearer. You can watch the third test flight in the video below.

The Brightest Object in the Universe Has Been Discovered

A team of scientists from Australia and Chile, using telescopes located in the Atacama Desert in Chile, has discovered a very bright and highly massive quasar named “J0529-4351” through their observations. Astronomers believe that this quasar, which is 500 trillion times brighter than the Sun, could be the “brightest object in the universe” after their research. In a study published in the journal Nature Astronomy, it is stated that the black hole powering this quasar, which is 500 trillion times brighter than the Sun, is 17 billion times larger than the Sun. It is believed that this quasar, located 12 billion light-years away from Earth, has existed since the early days of the universe. Quasars are found at the centers of galaxies and contain supermassive black holes with accretion disks accumulating matter around them. The accretion disks around active black holes cause them to shine by heating the gas and dust they contain due to their immense gravitational mass. Additionally, jets emitting particles can be observed in the disk region. These jets produce powerful light at speeds close to the speed of light. The light observed from this quasar is coming from the disk around a supermassive black hole estimated to be about 7 light-years in diameter. Quasars in the cores of active galaxies can emit more light than the combined light of billions of stars in their surroundings.

The VLT telescope in Chile

Christian Wolf, the lead author of the research, describes the quasar as the “most extreme” place known in the universe, while Priyamvada Natarajan from Yale University, who was not involved in the study, says, “What’s exciting about this quasar is that it was overlooked and misclassified as a star previously.” The European Southern Observatory identified this quasar during a sky survey conducted in 1980 and classified it as a star at that time. However, it was revealed in the recent study that it is not a star. Observations and computer modeling determined that the quasar devours mass equivalent to 370 times that of the Sun annually. The mass of the black hole was found to be 17-19 billion times that of the Sun. Scientists note that deeper observations are needed to understand the growth rate further.

Why Are Space Suits Only White and Orange?

The spacesuits worn by astronauts in space come in two colors: white and orange. In this article, we will talk about the reasons for this.

One of the names of white space suits is “EVA Suit”. EVA stands for “extravehicular activity”. This generally means spacewalking. White suites are preferred for spacewalks. In addition, white color is more noticeable in the dark and reflects heat well. Sunlight and radiation can affect spacewalking astronauts. White color is more ideal to be less affected by these effects and to regulate the temperature better. The orange suit is known as the “ACES Suit”, that is, the (advanced crew escape suit) takeoff and landing suit. Although we don’t see it used much today, orange is the ideal color to find astronauts more easily in the ocean.

Before putting on their spacesuits, astronauts wear cotton undergarments and a liquid cooling and ventilation garment that cover the entire body, respectively. The suite we see is worn over these. These suites are made from highly protective materials. It also keeps the pressure at appropriate conditions by letting in enough air. There are 15 more floors above this. Made from plastic and aluminum sheets, these coats protect astronauts against dangerous radiation and small meteorites in space. There is a steel circle on the outermost layer of this part of the dress. When it gets very cold, the gloves have heaters so that astronauts can continue their work comfortably. The headboard of the suite is like a large cage in which the head can move freely. The front part of the helmet is made of unbreakable glass and there is another helmet on top of it.

These clothes are produced in three sizes: small, medium and large. Astronauts can choose upper and lower bodies from different sizes. Apart from this, since gloves are one of the most important parts, they are produced specifically for each astronaut.

You may also want to watch the video below regarding the subject.

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