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We published our blog about how we are preparing for European Rover Challenge (ERC) on the website of Wevolver.

A rover team with the members from Istanbul’s Yildiz Technical University have finished the design of their Mars Rover and they are now in process of prototype production for the preparation of European Rover Challenge that will take place in Poland, September 2021.

Yıldız Rover is an interdisciplinary student project with the main goal of building a robotic system that can search for organic and inorganic living conditions in space. It also aims to encourage people who are interested in space and robotics to go further, creating a sociable workspace for young engineers.

In other words, Yıldız Rover Team is actually a group of students who are studying at Yıldız Technical University located in Turkey, determined to make their voice heard. The team members study in a variety of departments such as Mechanical, Electrical, Metallurgical and Chemical Engineering in addition to Chemistry, Physics, and Bioengineering.

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